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April 23, 2004 by meglet
So I'm in the supermarket this morning and for some bizarre reason Woolworths is having an all out shelf stacking exercise at 10:30am on a SATURDAY morning. This means that boxes and packaging waste are clogging the aisles and therefore disallowing customers access to the products being so beautifully stacked on the shelves.

To get some eggs I had to lean over a small tower of empty boxes. My first attempt at retreiving a dozen cackleberries failed so I moved aside the boxes and say to the...
April 23, 2004 by meglet
So hence the blog...if I were to sum up whom I am into a 20 second elevator speech (though most of the elevators I have been in have taken much longer that 20 seconds than to reach my designated floor) it would go something like.....

April 23, 2004 by meglet
My day as an elevator speech.